July 25, 2011

Commercial Exploits: Capabilities

Posted in Exploits at 16:49 by Alex McGeorge

I’m in a rare position in that I get to see and use a lot of professionally written exploits as part of my job. Not all exploits are created equal, these are my thoughts on what traits a commercial exploit needs to have. Part one of at least two.

Word Count: 488
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July 5, 2011

Coding for Death: Appendicitis

Posted in Uncategorized at 16:37 by Alex McGeorge

Some notes for discussion

Word Count: 283
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Coding for Death: Exploits that can Kill

Posted in Exploits at 03:04 by Alex McGeorge

This is the story of how I (probably) could have used an Acrobat bug to kill my Dad.

Word Count: ~890
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