July 5, 2011

Coding for Death: Appendicitis

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Some notes for discussion

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So this has generated a fair amount of feedback and interest on the twitters and internets. I’ve got some more comments to sift through but unfortunately I’m teaching all day today so I won’t be back until early evening EST. I’ve seen some discussion crop up in various places (hello /r/netsec <3, my new reddit account is: alemcg). Let me just give some additional comments.

1) I have done pen-testing work in hospitals before but nothing against embedded devices. I can't talk about what else I did which is why I haven't expanded on this post, it could be much longer with a ton more examples. I will say this: given my personal and professional experience looking at the computer security around hospitals I am not impressed.

2) My goal with this blog in general is to get people to think about security, kind of like the discussion you'd have in a bar. Think of this blog as having a permanent preface of "Have you ever considered…?" I may be wrong, you may be wrong, but it is food for thought.

3) I don't like FUD, I agree that it's bad marketing juju. But talking openly about attacks, even theoretical ones I think is good. Where it turns into FUD is if I reference it for marketing purposes. It will take all of 2 seconds and google to figure out who I work for and what some of my roles are there. My job informs my view of these subjects and thus we're a package deal, that being the case I will do my level best not to make this a marketing effort.

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