Hello! My name is Alex McGeorge. Here are some things about me and this blog that are relevant

Who I Am:

I work on the offense side of computer security. There are a lot of parts to my job: consulting (penetration testing, light code review), Python 2.x programming, teaching, sales and product demos. I’ve been doing security work since the late 90s, I’ve been at my current gig since March of 2008. I have a lot of curiosity and a deep need to get into places I’m not supposed to be.

Why does this Blog Exist:

My employer is a 1000+ mile drive from where I live and work. So I don’t often get to talk shop and bullshit about security stuff in the way you do in a regular office environment. This blog is a way for me to get that stuff out of my head. Why don’t I just keep a journal and avoid becoming part of the security echo chamber? I enjoy the attention and the conversation this sometimes sparks.

Where I Am:

I live in the Northern Virginia area but I’m not that active with the security scene up here. Does security need a scene? I have no idea but I enjoy drinking with smart people. I travel for work which takes me to NYC and Miami most frequently. I really enjoy running around in the woods.

Youtube Links:

I was a radio DJ in college and I’ve got a broad taste in music. I try to include a link to what I’m listening to and I encourage everyone to click on them and give it a try. Finding new music is one of those things the internet is really good for and people should do more of.


I have a low tolerance for reading a lot of words written by someone I don’t know or who doesn’t come with a strong endorsement. In that vein my goal is to keep each post under approximately 1200 words.

Things to Remember:

1) This blog solely reflects my own views and not necessarily those of my employer or its clients. I speak for myself and myself alone.

2) I (currently) have no axe to grind with the other companies in our niche market, this blog isn’t going to be about taking a shit on rival companies.

3) A lot of this content requires some experience in the information security world, I’ll do my best to provide some background information as needed

4) This is not a technical blog in the sense that we’ll be looking at code or discussing exploitation techniques.

5) I use salty language and obscene imagery. A lot.

This page is brought to you by DJ Assault – Ass and Titties


  1. John d said,

    Just read your post on ctf. Wish I read it last week. I ran the one at carolinacon this past weekend. It was my first time putting one together and wireless was killing us. Luckily we brought some cat5 and a switch. Anyway I was interested in talking to you about your tweets from today.

    • Hi John, sorry I missed your comment! This blog was set to notify an old address. Hit me up: alexm immunityinc () com and we can chat easier

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